We are constantly innovating and improvising ways to bring our products to customers in the shortest time possible.

Located in Singapore where CHARLES & KEITH GROUP was founded, our warehouse and order fulfilment centre, situated right next to our headquarters, are designed to efficiently manage thousands of orders daily – shipping to more than 50 destinations globally.

We use the latest technologies with an advanced order management system that supports multi-channel fulfilment for our international markets – connecting our automated warehouse, order fulfilment centre and store inventories closely – enabling seamless processes from sale to delivery.

Automated Warehouse

Laborious work is a thing of the past. We have adopted a technologically driven warehouse model utilising auto-guided robotics, sensors and a user-friendly system to facilitate stock movement within the vicinity, effectively reducing manual work and increasing productivity.

Stocks are delivered to workstations with a few easy tabs on a touch screen.

Order Fulfilment Centre

Driven to deliver our products to our customers in the shortest time frame, our order fulfilment centre is equipped with the latest tech including a conveyor system and an automated weighing machine, and leverages on digital technology to match our customers to the fastest delivery option.

Our packaging boxes are made from FSC-certified eco-friendly materials and designed to enable speed packing with multiple sizes to fit each product aptly. Each product is carefully examined by our employees to ascertain its quality before packing for shipment.

Our packed products are distributed to customers by external logistic vendors internationally and reliable crowd-sourced agents for same-day delivery locally.