The products we bring to you are part of a bigger story. It’s a story that starts with the people who make our creations real.

And it’s a story that’s connected to the world we’re all a part of.

It’s in our power to make sure the people making our products are paid fairly, are working in safe conditions and have their human rights upheld. And it’s also in our power to reduce the stress we put on our planet. That means managing resources such as water responsibly, and making sure nothing harmful gets released into the environment.

We want every product we create to come with the promise that its impact on the environment and people’s lives has been carefully considered. This is a new journey we are embarking on, so we’ll constantly push ourselves – questioning decisions and trying new approaches – to make it real.



  • Evaluating every one of our direct suppliers against our Code of Conduct
  • Assessing the social risks and environmental impacts of our supply chain annually
  • Identifying all the possible ways to reduce our environmental impact when it comes to transporting our products


BY 2021

  • We will focus on the manufacturing cycle and evaluate every one of our strategic suppliers on their environmental and chemical performance against our Material Restricted Substance list
  • We will equip our direct suppliers with the tools to evaluate and measure their own performance against the social and labour standards in our Code of Conduct, as well as the national requirements in their own country
  • Social and environmental performance will be integral to choosing who we buy from

BY 2022

  • We will incentivise suppliers, who provide our materials, to assess and reduce their environmental footprint by endorsing and buying more from those who do it well
  • All facilities in China, where our products are chemically treated, will make information about their environmental impact publicly available through the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) website

​To make sure we’re always pushing ourselves and fashion forward, we are members of groups that are working together to improve the entire industry. As we continue on our sustainability journey, we aim to partner with more organisations to make the change we are creating even bigger.

leather working group logo Leather is one of the biggest pollutants in the fashion industry. Which is why we’ve been on a mission to map and audit all of our leather suppliers against the LWG protocols. LWG is a platform dedicated to promoting sustainability and better environmental business practices within the leather industry. Bringing together key players who have the power to make change, LWG promotes collaboration by shining a light on best practices and pushing for continual improvement in the industry.