In 2019, CHARLES & KEITH is continuing its efforts to achieve the vision of a world that is free from gender discrimination, inequality and violence. We have collaborated with Woven, a social enterprise based in the Philippines, to produce a special collection of hand-woven products. For every product sold from this special capsule collection, 20% of the net sales would be donated to weavers of Woven.

This collaboration is also part of a larger movement to empower women – providing them with vital skills to better their lives and give them a voice in their communities.




Trish Lim, the co-founder and CEO of Woven, discusses the vision of her social enterprise.

Trish Lim hopes to contribute to the creation of a just and equitable society where female artisans have the power to forge a brighter future for themselves and their children.


She founded Woven in 2016 to provide market access for the weavers in Basey, Samar. This ensures a better livelihood for them so that their children would be encouraged to follow in their footsteps, and preserve the centuries-old tradition of weaving in the country.

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Capturing the art and beauty of banig weaving, which is traditionally used to produce mats.

CHARLES & KEITH’s special capsule collection bags are woven using the traditional banig method, which produces eye-catching geometric patterns.

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Banig mats have been around for centuries and are mainly used for sleeping. However, to keep up with the times, weavers have been applying the craft to other products such as clutches and tote bags, transforming it into something modern and appealing.




Get to know the women who are integral to the creation of this special capsule collection.

Arlene Baclea-an
“Because of this work, I was able to set an example to other members on how to create great products with Woven”.

Riza Gayon
“As the president of the association in Bariwon I manage the organization; and broaden the members’ perspectives to see opportunities that arise if they do their jobs properly”.

Angela Nillasca
“I learned how to be more enterprising since I am earning extra income from Woven”.

Mary Fe Pacalan
“I was able to ride an airplane and train the youth in Manilla on how to weave and embroider”.

Woven has changed the lives of artisans such as Riza Gayon, Mary Fe Pacalan, Arlene Baclea-an and Angelyn Nillasca from the Basey community for the better. Show your support for their craft – bring home one of the beautiful handwoven accessories from our exclusive collection now.


Chic and trendy handcrafted bags for a cause.


To empower women of tomorrow, CHARLES & KEITH has collaborated with WOVEN – a social enterprise based in the Philippines – to create a special capsule collection of hand-woven products. Exclusive to www.charleskeith.com, the collection supports CHARLES & KEITH’s online fundraising campaign for the female weavers of WOVEN.

For every product sold from this special capsule collection, 20% of the net sales would be donated to weavers of Woven. This programme seeks to help women realise their potential as empowered female leaders and is part of a movement to provide women with vital skills to better their lives, giving them a voice in their communities.

The collection has four products: a tote bag, a circle top handle bag, a front flap clutch and a pouch.

The products are made out of Banig – a material made from handwoven dried grass and dyed palm leaves.

All products are made by skilled artisans from WOVEN based in Basey, Samar, The Philippines.

This collection is exclusively available at www.charleskeith.com.

Returns and exchanges are not applicable for this collection unless in the case of defects.

Each product is hand-woven and may vary in design, placement, color, texture and size. Any incidental marks, tonal changes, and/or textual variances are part of the material’s natural characteristics and should not be considered as imperfections.

Like any natural product, it is likely to age and fade with use. Keep the product away from strong, direct sunlight and moisture to avoid damage. In case of dirt or stain, do not use any soap or cleaning product, instead rub the affected area gently with a damp cloth and let it dry naturally.

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